Strategic Partner - AJ Vaccines

AJ Vaccines is a vaccine producer and manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, established as a public enterprise under the Danish Ministry of Health in 1902. Today, AJ Vaccines is a part of the Aljomaih Group and is internationally recognised for producing vaccines that are critical for public health needs of countries around the world.


These include vaccines which protect against whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, polio and tuberculosis. With a current staff strength of around 600, AJ Vaccines is set to complement AJ Biologics business needs, while opening up the Groups’ vaccine presence across Europe. AJ Vaccines is also set to grow its team base significantly in the next couple of years to fulfill the company’s ambitious growth plan.

Historical Progression of SSI to AJ Vaccines

1902 - 1924

1902: Establishment of SSI with initial focus on production of sera against Diphtheria.


1914: Activities expended to include production of tetanus sera.

1916: The first vaccine against Pertussis (whole cell) developed.


1924: The first Diphtheria vaccine developed.

1925 - 1940s

1927/1931: Development of the first tuberculin and of BCG vaccine for Tuberculosis control.


1934: Initiation of Tuberculosis campaign in Denmark.

1945: The first Tetanus vaccine developed and production initiated.


1950 - 1988

1950: Launch of the DCVP (for D. T and BCG)


1955: The first IPV vaccine developed


1958: The Tuberculin PPD RT23 master batch produced with WHO

1959/1961: APV and wP included DCVP


1966: First freeze-dried BCG vaccine established


1988: Production of enhanced inactivated Polio vaccine


1989 - 2000

1991: Initiation of collaboration with North America Vaccine (Amvax/Baxter)


1991/1993: T and D facility  renovated (FDA upgrade)


1994: VPB received WHO prequalification for the BCG vaccine


1995: BCG culture approval in DK


1996: Filling and freeze drying of BCG vaccine moved into a new and modern GMP facility

1997: DTaP-IPV was the first tetravalent vaccine globally containing both aP and IPV components


1998: VPB initiated production of IPV based on a continuous cell line (VERO)


1998: FDA approval of the SSI facilities for D and T. and product approval and launch in the US of DTaP vaccine


1999: Launch of filling contract for large Danish pharmaceutical company

2001 - 2015

2003: New product for IPC constructed


2005: aP technology licensed from Pfizer – worldwide license obtained


2005-10: Technology transfer, qualification and approval of aP


2008: New production facility for aP constructed

2010: aP component produced at VPB used in the DCVP


2010-11: New inspection, assembly, labelling and packaging line installed


2013: IPV-ALUM vaccine project initiated with Bill ad Melinda Gates Foundation


2014: VPB announced for sale by the Danish state


January: AJ Vaccines acquires Vaccine production and commercialization activities from SSI (Danish State)


Initiation of Phase 3 trials for IPV-Alum


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